Johansson, Nicole

Company: OneHope Title: VP Development Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 975-7777 Fun Fact #1:  Fun Fact #2:  Fun Fact #3:  Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: 

What is Class of 2017 Saying?

Class of 2017 Graduates were asked to give advice to potential L2 Leaders… … Below are a few of their thoughts. It’s the best decision you can make to guide your future! Well worth it. You will experience definite growth and connection. You will be exposed to amazing speakers and books that will challenge them to […]

Copeland, Edwin

Company: Church United Title: Director Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: 954-667-7233 Fun Fact #1: I speak fluent Greek. Fun Fact #2: I’ve traveled throughout Europe, but have never been west of Denver. Fun Fact #3: I married my high school sweetheart. Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Take risk, be yourself, remember whose you are and who you are. Along the […]

Share the Love <3

  It’s that time of year again – beach weather & sun becomes a daily thing,  the mosquitos wake up from hibernation and (theoretically) the roads become less clogged as the snow birds leave us for the summer (I’m questioning this one every time I drive). It’s also the time when potential L2 participants consider if they […]

Mission Possible

We are on this earth for a purpose, but often finding fulfillment and direction in every day life can be illusive. How do we as leaders figure out what our mission is and teach that to those we serve? Anton Venter, Chief Strategy Officer for Doxa Deo, spent some time unpacking this idea at the […]

Toxic Charity

Almsgiving is Mammon’s perversion of giving. It affirms the superiority of the giver, binds the recipient, demands gratitude, humiliates him and reduces him to a lower state than he had before //  Jacques Ellul The Class of the Bobs  Those who joined us for the January Lifework class were in for a challenging message. It […]

Church United Respond to FLL Shooting

Leaders Make a Difference  Leaders coming together really makes a difference in our communities. At our last L2 class, Eddie Copeland gave the class an update on how believers in our community were responding to the horrific events at the airport. Below is an update on where we are and how YOU, the Church in […]

Welcoming our Miami Executive Director!

We are excited to announce our new Executive Director for NCFSF Miami Office – welcome to the team, Chris Campbell Lane! With NCFSF officially opening up an office in Miami (stop by for a visit!), restarting a Lifework Leadership class in Miami is a very real possibility. Please join us in welcoming Chris to the team […]

Change your team culture for $25 or less!

  Consider Sharing the “Gift Card Challenge” with a few special people in your life …   Giving away $25 can change your life. Each year, the Lifework Leadership class completes the “Gift Card Challenge.” Without fail, we hear incredible stories of how leaders lives have been profoundly shaped by this simple project. What’s this Gift Card […]