Miller, Traci

Company: Miller Construction Title: VP Business Development Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 868-2549 Fun Fact #1: I met my husband online Fun Fact #2: The Dalai Lama’s personal assistant monk watched the Super Bowl at my house Fun Fact #3: I love to Flea Market Flip everything! Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Establish expectations, give room to […]

Wysocki, Debbie

Company: Keller Williams Title: Realtor Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 579-5720 Fun Fact #1: I come from a family of Girl Scout Leaders and am privileged to have the 1 of the Top Selling Cookie Troops in Broward/Palm Beach Fun Fact #2: Love Rottweilers — they are big babies Fun Fact #3: I spent 7 summers in Hawaii with […]

Benites, Robert

Company: Merrill Lynch, Cahill/Benites Group Title: Financial Advisor Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (786) 942-4120 Fun Fact #1: I am getting married the weekend after graduation Fun Fact #2: I lived in Spain Fun Fact #3: I was named after a character on a TV show Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Learn to let go […]

Graeve, Christopher

Company: Prodigy Capital Title: CEO Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (561) 346-8873 Fun Fact #1: I am named after Christopher Robin Fun Fact #2: I used to professionally travel the country playing paintball Fun Fact #3: I have sold several thousand items on Ebay Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: be the servant of all

LaCaria, Peyton

Company: Centennial Bank Title: SVP – Senior Commercial Loan Officer Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (561) 542-4740 Fun Fact #1: I am a native Floridian Fun Fact #2: I am sort of addicted ot HGTV Fun Fact #3: I have always owned a Jeep Wrangler, #4 presently Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Put yourself in their shoes

Jelinek, Christopher

Company: Banyan Air Services Title: Avionics Manager Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 253-5982 Fun Fact #1: Proud member of the USMC Fun Fact #2: I am A Motorcycle enthusiast Fun Fact #3: I am double jointed Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Breath, and breath again,,, then respond,,,, not react.

Hansen, Mike

Company: Rec Pool and Spa Title: President Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 990-8113 Fun Fact #1: Sat in the pilot seat of an F-16 fighter jet Fun Fact #2: Rode a Yamaha Motocross Motorcycle throughout my high school years Fun Fact #3: I’m a Florida Native Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Celebrate Success!

Kyle, Kirk

Company: Kyle Plumbing Title: Owner Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 275-6883 Fun Fact #1: While So. FL was going through Hurricane Wilma in 2005, I was in Montana & got my Mule Deer that hangs on my wall at home. Fun Fact #2: I enjoy hunting deer in the woods. Fun Fact #3: I enjoy quality time with my grandkids. […]

Kyle, Evelyn

Company: Kyle Plumbing Title: Director of Human Resources Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (954) 547-4646 Fun Fact #1: I decided it was time to overcome my fear of heights so I took a helicopter ride over a volcano and through a rain forest in Hawaii. Fun Fact #2: I enjoy traveling. Fun Fact #3: I enjoy spending lots of time with my […]

Helland, Robert “Buddy”

Company: The Good News FL Title: Sr. Marketing Manager Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (754) 779-2508 Fun Fact #1: God uses the Foolish things of the this world to confound the wise and I’m His biggest Fool! Fun Fact #2: I ran for Commissioner of The City of Oakland Park because God told me, but did not want to. Fun […]