Change your team culture for $25 or less!



Consider Sharing the “Gift Card Challenge” with a few special people in your life …


Giving away $25 can change your life. Each year, the Lifework Leadership class completes the “Gift Card Challenge.” Without fail, we hear incredible stories of how leaders lives have been profoundly shaped by this simple project.

What’s this Gift Card Challenge? It’s simple. Purchase a gift card to prayerfully give away to someone that crosses your path. Then, share your story!

In this crazy holiday season sometimes we get so busy that we forget to slow down and truly be generous. Consider completing a “Gift Card Challenge” with your team or your family for a healthy dose of perspective and a great reminder of God’s gift to us.


Get your team involved

Get your leadership team (or even your broader employee group) gift cards for a company wide “Gift Card Challenge.” Collect stories to share at a fun team get together and surprise everyone with a gift card of their own to keep! Anyone from any background can complete this project.


Give your Clients to Gift of Giving

Send a personalized card to your VIP clients with the “Gift Card Challenge” inside as a way of saying “Thank you” and giving them the gift of spreading Christmas cheer. I bet it’s the last thing they will expect and create a unique experience they’ve never had before.


Your kids are never too young to be generous

Give your teen a gift card or complete the activity with your younger children. Modeling generosity to your kids from a young age will go a long way to shaping them as they get older. Maybe put a “Gift Card Challenge” in every stocking as a reminder of generosity and read the stories the following Christmas. A modified version for younger kids might involve purchasing a toy together for a child in need and then, together, delivering the item.


Don’t overcomplicate things – just do it! 


We’d love to hear the stories that come out of it. Email us at [email protected]


The Logistics

  • We use $25 Publix gift cards because their stores are everywhere (you can order them in bulk)
  • Instructions are printed on our branded stationary – feel free to adjust instructions if needed.
  • Gift Cards are attached using “Sticky Dots” or tape
  • We ask people to share their stories with us via email or at our L2 class events – but these stories would be great to highlight in a company newsletter, internal communication or at a Christmas party.



Author: Amanda Forman

Photography: Alyssa Forman