Integrity & Courage 2022

February 10

Integrity & Courage

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Discussion Questions

  1. What did you learn from George Washington that impressed you the most and why?
  2. George Washington believed that God had a purpose for his life. Do you wonder about such a call on your life? If so, when did you first start pondering this notion of a calling on your life and what got you thinking about such a call?
  3. What character traits do you see in GW that would be helpful in living out your calling?
  4. GW had to be a very busy person yet he devoted himself to read the Bible daily. What is your takeaway with such devotion?
  5. GW’s calling included being a businessman, a military officer, the President and serving at his church. Have you considered that your calling can be right in your workplace?
    • What would such a calling look like in a workplace? Do you have a story to share of how the workplace is being used for God’s calling?
    • Have you considered that your calling can change over time? If so, how would you go about making such a decision to pursue a change?
    • Do you have a story in your life that your calling has changed? If so, please share.
  6. GW encouraged his soldiers during difficult times to look to the future – to imagine what generations yet unborn would think of them and what they achieved. The calling on your life can be difficult to fulfill. What can you use as inspirational to help you push through difficult circumstances so that you can fulfill the calling on your life?