Gesus Sainz de la Maza

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 305-495-6292

Fun Fact #1: I collect vintage pictures of South Florida. It’s a fun hobby in which I am always looking for new pictures.

Fun Fact #2: I have always been handy. I picked up my first set of tools at the age of 7. I still have the Makita drill I bought with my mom 35 years ago. I will lend out any of my tools besides that one. That drill is way too sentimental to lend out.

Fun Fact #3:I have two beautiful girls and we love taking road trips; be it to the mountains or throughout Florida discovering cool little towns and great restaurants.

Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: Lead by example. I walk my talk and I ask my team to complete the tasks that I complete as well.