Monteleone, Ray

Company: Paladin Global Partners

Title: President

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 954-401-4716

Fun Fact #1: Met my wife at 1968 Republican Convention & asked her to marry me 3 wks later at 1968 Democratic Convention where she worked; married 47+ years.

Fun Fact #2: Unique Family birthdays; Brother, 4/4; Mother-in-Law 11/11; Son AND Son-in-Law 12/12; Wife 2/29

Fun Fact #3: 5 Grandaughters – as such, none named after me. My oldest granddaughter named a fish after me, but Ray the fish died a week later

Best leadership advice you’ve ever been given: If you want to keep your family, you have to intertwine your family with business. They must have the same high priority. – Bill Penick