Lifework Leadership

Serial Entrepreneur, Roy Moore knows the thrill of business and closing a deal, but he’s moved on to a thrill that lasts to eternity. “You close a deal and that’s exciting! Then the deal is over and you feel that sense of emptiness. When you work for God’s purposeyou don’t feel the emptiness because the deal is not over—a life has been changed.”

He credits Lifework Leadership for his own life shift. What started as an invitation by a friend to attend the program resulted in Roy stepping away from corporate life and spearheading a massive outreach initiative to end youth bullying, suicide and depression.

“I have three children and through a set of life experiences there have been different struggles. Some have been very deep and challenging. I couple my children’s experience with others in my life who made really bad choices. From a trainer I knew for over ten years who ended his life, to an executive pastor who ended his life. There is, unfortunately, a laundry list of people who had been challenged and in a moment of weakness made a bad choice. ”

With that personal experience, Roy, decided it was time to make a difference. Through the National Christian Foundation and Lifework leadership, he has teamed up with international speaker and evangelist, Nick Vujicic to bring Stand Strong USA, an initiative with a message of love, life andhope to schools across Florida. Through live speaking engagements and simulcasts in public schools across the state, Nick’s message of hopereached over 1.2 million students—many of which may have had their own personal dark experiences.

“In our country, according to the CDC, 8% of our 9th to 12th graders have attempted suicide one or more times in the last twelve months. One in five is bullied and one in six is cyber-bullied every year and it puts them in a very, very dark place. We need to share a message that, at the end of the day, is about love. Jesus said, ‘By this they will know you are my disciples: by how you love one another.’ If we are to disciple those we are reaching, we want to teach them how to love.”

Stand Strong USA’s outreach efforts culminated in a community-wide event held at FAU stadiumwhere people of all ages were invited to hear this message hope—and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By night’s end it was clear many lives were changed—exactly the kind of “deal” that excites Roy today. “Our prayer at the beginning was, ‘Lord, we want this to be so successful—to have such a large impact that it is very clear that it is by Your hand this is taking place, not by the hand of man.’ I’m truly humbled at that.”