With God's grace, we're dreaming big.

Every day, our team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) helps generous givers like you simplify their giving, multiply their impact, and experience the joy of sending more to their favorite causes than they ever dreamed possible. So whether you’re passionate about more Bibles for your local church, more healthy Christian marriages, more clean water, or more justice … start dreaming big, because we sure are.

So whether you’re passionate about more Bibles for your local church, more healthy Christian marriages, more clean water, or more justice … start dreaming big, because we sure are.

  • Our mission: To enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His Kingdom.
  • Our vision: To mobilize an unprecedented abundance of Kingdom resources to accomplish every good work.

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History Timeline


Lifework Leadership (Then the Greater Orlando Leadership Forum) was birthed when U.S. Senator William Armstrong (CO) convened Christian business leaders to cast a vision for a world, city by city, that could be transformed through leaders who had a clear calling and a biblical worldview. Armstrong challenged Ralph D. Veerman, of Veerman & Associates and Larry Kreider, President of The Gathering USA, Inc. to be founding partners and launch in their city of Orlando, Florida.


As the program continued to flourish, Steven French was appointed President and worked on refining the program. From its inception, the mission and vision have been captured in a mantra - “transforming leaders, transforming cities”.


The National Christian Foundation of South Florida was launched in the wake of a Luis Palau Beachfest and a desire to continue the collaborative relationships between the business leaders who served together during that event. NCF exists to help our clients fulfill their God-given callings and live a more generous life.


NCF clients Wayne & Fonda Huizenga desired to see a network of Christian business leaders in the South Florida and dreamed of the impact this network could have. A team evaluated a number of models around the country and decided on the G.O.L.F. model from Orlando. The program was rebranded Lifework Leadership that year.


Lifework Leadership of South Florida graduated its first class of 50 business and community leaders in its first pilot group. The test was a success and it was decided to continue to offer the experience in South Florida with the goal of developing and impacting a generation of business leaders.


Lifework Leadership continued to expand its services to include leaders from Broward, Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach counties. Alumni Coaches were introduced to better facilitate the class experience.


The Lifework Atlanta affiliate is started by a transplanted South Florida Alumni who had the desire to impact that city’s business leaders. The impact of local Alumni continued to expand as leaders engaged in local, national and global initiatives. Lifework’s vision of city transformation began to be realized.


Lifework Leadership of South Florida graduated its 500th leader in the region.


The First Global affiliate of Life- work Leadership was launched in Pretoria, South Africa with other conversations happening all over the world about how to bring this model to their communities. The alumni network had grown to over 2000 leaders.


Lifework South Florida celebrates ten years of impact in the region and graduates its 600th alumni! These leaders have been challenged to engage with the city and are making incredible impacts in different spheres of society.

global reach

Lifework Leadership of South Florida is proud to be an affiliate of the global Lifework Leadership organization.

This innovative leadership development program builds on proven principles with the goal of creating a network of like-minded professionals. There are hundreds of Alumni in the South Florida region alone and the footprint of Lifework Leadership continues to expand to other continents.