Mission Possible


We are on this earth for a purpose, but often finding fulfillment and direction in every day life can be illusive. How do we as leaders figure out what our mission is and teach that to those we serve?

Anton Venter, Chief Strategy Officer for Doxa Deo, spent some time unpacking this idea at the last Lifework Leadership class. He indicated that is was important to understand three key components before determining our own personal mission.

1.What does God say about me? 

This Eternal perspective is the foundation of discovering our unique purpose. Through prayer and learning from God’s word, we can have a better idea of what God says about us, our unique gifts and our vocation. Being secure in what God says about us is key to not only being a good leader, but also living on mission.

2. What do I say about myself?

We know ourselves (hopefully) and give ourselves some good internal perspective. Understanding what our hearts are passionate about, what our hands are uniquely equipped to do and how our head works are key to understanding our direction. Taking some time to reflect on our lives, leadership and experiences can help bring clarity and direction.

3. What do others say about me? 

Asking those around you who know and love you best is another part of this process. Close family and friends can give you perspective on what you’re gifted in. Recently, I sat down with a mentor and asked them to share with me what my strengths and weaknesses were. This exercise reinforced some of the things I already knew about myself (in both categories).

Take time … 

Once we ask ourselves these questions, we should sit down to think and pray through what we have heard. You may come up with a very clear and concise statement or something more general. The key is to remember that, ultimately, we are called to God first and as long as we are working at honoring him within our work, he can use us and give us purpose and meaning in that. Our “Lifework” is about honoring God in whatever vocation or space we find ourselves in each day of our lives.

To Listen to Anton’s full talk visit our  SoundCloud account HERE.


Author: Amanda Forman