Leadership Development

Lifework Leadership is a nine month leadership course that runs from September to May. Classes include teaching from nationally known speakers, case studies with prominent business people, literary discussion and practical life application. Each class examines the life of Jesus as the best example of leadership and is carefully crafted to engage leaders on issues that they face in their personal and business lives. Designed for the business professional, the class includes valuable tools and examples that can be applied to the home and the workplace.

Lifework topics

Biblically-based and readily applicable in today’s marketplace – the Lifework principles are good for business, as well as family and ministry.



Personal Transformation

The Lifework Leadership (L2) class is an incredible opportunity for leaders to significantly and strategically connect with their peers in relationships that will enrich their personal and professional lives. The Community developed is a highlight for many.

On top of this, leaders also gain a broader perspective of their place in the world and are challenged to view their workplace as a calling and place of incredible power to positively affect others.

Enhancing Companies

L2 Alumni are challenged to be compassionate leaders of high integrity, humility and generosity. These qualities in a leader will be invaluable assets to any organization.

We have continued to see our Alumni leading companies with international scope and have a seat at the highest levels of numerous organizations. Connected to the Lifework family, leaders will have the ability to connect to a wide network of local leaders and their companies as well as being a part of the global Lifework Leadership network of affiliates.

Community Impact

Our Alumni have engaged in significant efforts to address needs in our community.