Nomination & Application

L2 is designed for the business professional and leaders are often nominated by Lifework Alumni. These high level participants usually have the following characteristics:

  • Senior Executives, Business Owners & Presidents
  • Manages direct reports or is a business owner
  • Professionally employed for more than five years
  • College graduate with significant life and/or work experience
  • Willing to model high character and ethics to others

Applications are subject to approval and reviewed on a case-by-case basis as Lifework seeks to fill the class with proven participants who demonstrate leadership, business excellence, integrity and love for their city.

You can submit your application online at
We invite you to experience Lifework Leadership so that together we can have a transforming impact throughout South Florida.

Experience Includes

  • Interactive Launch event
  • Two-day Overnight Retreat
  • Monthly Classes
  • Nationally Recognized Speakers
  • Local Business Case Studies
  • Special Graduation Evening
  • Compelling Reading
  • Monthly Social Gatherings
  • Coaching from Alumni/Staff
  • Lifetime Membership
  • … and more

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