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It’s that time of year again – beach weather & sun becomes a daily thing,  the mosquitos wake up from hibernation and (theoretically) the roads become less clogged as the snow birds leave us for the summer (I’m questioning this one every time I drive).

It’s also the time when potential L2 participants consider if they should start a journey that will encourage leadership and mold their character. There is something special about going through Lifework Leadership for the first time; a speaker that really stood out, a friendship that has continued to flourish and concepts and ideas that have changed lives.

The fall class is already going to be great – with speakers like DeeAnn Turner (Chick-fil-A), Gordon MacDonald (incredible author & longtime friend), Chuck Bengochea (former CEO of Honey Baked Ham) and many more. Don’t worry, Alumni, we’ll be emailing you details on how to register.

SOMEONE in your life is an influential person – in business or community – that needs to be in the fall class….here’s a couple things we’d like you to do…

  1. Pray that God would open the door for that person to go through the class
  2. Pass on this website to them for them to learn more about L2
  3. Invite them to a reception (May 8th) as your guest for them to learn more (please RSVP to Amanda at [email protected])

The application is online:

Let us know how we can help!

Amanda Forman

Programs Director, NCFSF